• Provide a better experience to your guests!

  • Earn some extra income while you are away from home

  • Avoid the complications of guest hospitality


Meet & Greet (check-in/check-out)

We warmly welcome your guests to your place, keys, give them a small tour around your home and answer any questions they may have about the house and/or neighbourhood. We always provide the guests a with a complimentary traditional Dutch treat!


We will take care of everything your guest and place requieres: general cleaning, restocking essentials in your bathroom & kitchen, washing of towels & linen and even collect your mail

Full linen & towel services

Get some peace of mind and let us take care of them, we will provide your guests with quality linens & towels and replace them with every new guest of during the rental of a long stay

24/7 Guest Communication

Our 24/7 team of skilled receptionists will handle all of your communication with your guests, from first inquiry up to the 5 star reviews

Booking Approvals & General Management

Ready to relax and enjoy the flowing income? Let us take control of your property, we will answer all enquires, approve your prospects based on yout acceptance critiria and manage the whole lifecycle of your business

Professional Photography

When your looking for the perfect place to spend your holidays, the first thing you review are its pictures. Our professional photographer will repicture your property and let the experience come start through the eyes

Listing optimization (Pricing Guidance)

Want to get the best results from your property? You welcoming text and beautiful pictures are the front face of your sucess, but understanding how much to charge depending on the location and time of the year is essential too

Legal advise

Every city has its own tax rules in regards to short term rental. In Amsterdam, for exmaple, you are allowed to rent your property, tax free, for up to 60 days or a maximun income of €6000

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MySuperhost?

We are a group of independent workers that enjoy and love guest hospitality. Having hosted and rented on multiple services like Airbnb and others we understand the hassle of receiving guests, making sure the place looks spotless & welcoming and keeping up with all the communication with guests beforehand and during their stay. Especially when it’s combined with your own getaway or busy daily life!

I have problem or question, how and who do I contact?

Among the first contact you'll have a assigned person throughout the whole process. Email and Phone number will be provided to you and your guests. Also, you can always contact us at info@mysuperhost.nl

May I check some references?

We would be delighted to provide your listings we worked with in the past so you can review the comments and ratings. We can also arrange for you to speak with a reference to give you the trust and confidence you need

What languages do you comunicate in?

We speake English, Dutch & Japanese, however we are able to comunicate with guests from all over the world!

What locations is the service available?

We provide services in Amsterdam, Haarlem & Utrech, but glad to work in other locations upon consultation

Is MySuperhost free?

As much as we love and enjoy guest hospitality we requiere to charge for the services provided. Please check below our pricing guide and select the one that suits you best!


Not sure yet? Ready to fully delegate administration & management? We have pricing options that fit all!


No commitments, no contracts. One-off services, pay as you go.

Includes cleaning service, Meet & Greet and 24/7 Guest Comunication


*Max 3 day rental


We fully manage the property, listings, photos, housekeeping, guest comunication and acceptance critirea!

You only share a percentage of your incomings.


Please send us your questions & inquiries at info@mysuperhost.nl